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Our first production bass is something a little bit different. We’ve always liked shorter scale basses and have owned a few different ones over the years, including some very nice hollow bodied models by Hofner, Duesenberg and Epiphone.

The lightness of these instruments is very appealing and the shorter scale does make playing fast easier. On the downside a lot of shorter scale basses have a somewhat retro look, which is great if that’s what you’re looking for but it doesn’t appeal to everyone. We wanted to make a shorter scale bass better geared towards modern playing in both looks and sound.

Although it’s not the problem that it was years ago, feedback can still be a concern on some hollow bodied basses, depending on how loud you’re playing of course.  Our bass has chambering that makes it easier on the back but without risking any onstage issues.

Some short scale basses also feel a little cramped, with narrower than standard string spacing. We’ve picked a scale length that will feel comfortable to long scale players and not too different to those used to short scale. 31.5” is a nice compromise and it’s combined with string spacing at 20mm, wider than some long scale basses.

With pickups, we wanted to have the advantages of both passive and active in the same bass. This is not a new idea but it’s normally at a higher price. Players who aren’t used to active pickups sometime worry that the battery might run out mid song!

Realistically, this isn’t likely at all and the batteries last a lot longer than you think, but our Pact humbuckers give you additional peace of mind. If you ever had a problem you could switch to passive mode. The volume knob can be pulled up to immediately engage the active mode.

This makes it useful as a clean boost. The extra punch and volume will help players stand out in the mix when they need to. Or they can use the active mode all the time and shape their tone in greater detail with the 3 band eq.

We also wanted to give the bass a striking look, so we are using carefully chosen burled maple veneers with distinctive black nickel hardware. Basically (see what we did there) it’s bass we’d like to play ourselves (and do) so we hope you like it!20151211_174257 20151211_175503

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